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The Deacon of Darkness, The Posthumous Pimp, and head of the household at Bordello of Horror...or so he thinks.

Mistress Malicious

Mistresses sarcastic and Masochistic attitude is fueled by her toxic swill, Violent Vintage. She searches out human prey to feed to her possessed plant pet, Matcha...Who will be her next victim ? 

Sgt. Drizzlepuss

Freakshow's right hand and sometimes left hand man keeps things....interesting to say the least. With a sordid past, Drizz brings the "A" game to the Bordello and delivers every time.


Dynamite comes in small packages and this bombshell drops em' dead every time.

Ali katt
Ali 2.png

The Witchiest of women does her best to keep things under control.....or just really doesn't care. 

Ditsy Daphne

Big on heart but short on brains....she's puts the screech in screams!


After a night of Jazz music and medicated delusions, an unwary victim by the name of One Ball Johnson finds himself at the wrong end of Mistress M’s psychopathic rampage. He awakes to find that his soul has been sucked into her favorite frisky foliage. 

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